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Web platform to analyze crypto Blockchain
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ChainKeeper is a web application to explore and analyze block-chain data for users. It is a web-based application for blockchain developers who are looking to interact with BlockSci to analyse the blockchain data in blockchains. And also ChainKeeper contains separate REST API for getting blockchain data easily.


Implementation Details

  • Front-End is developed using ReactJs
  • Back-end is handled by NodeJS and Python
  • Firebase is used for user authentication
  • Firebase is used as the databases for storing data
  • REST API is python flask

Key Features

  • Users can sign up or sign in to the ChainKeeper
  • Can latest block data in blockchain
  • Can view block data using block height
  • Can view block data using block hash
  • Can view tx data using tx hash
  • Can get data from REST endpoints
  • Can tag transactions
  • Can connect BlockSci with ChainKeeper
  • Chain-Kleaner - Taint Analysis platform


$ cd ChainKeeper
$ npm install 
$ npm start

Blockchain APIs

Blockchain API Documentation

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