Dronesym is a platform enabling users to handle and track their drone fleets in real time. Users can have functionality to add new drones configure their flight paths and monitor their progress through a web dashboard.
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Setting Up the Project


  1. Install Node.js 6.x (or higher)
  2. Python version 2.7

Part 1 - Setting up the Node environment

  1. After cloning the repo navigate to dronesym-node folder
  2. Run npm install to pull the dependencies
  3. Create a firebase admin sdk private key following the instructions found here: https://firebase.google.com/docs/admin/setup#add_firebase_to_your_app
  4. In db.js file provide the path to your firebase key file and the database url
  5. Import the database with mongorestore --db dronesym dronedb/dronesym
  6. Run npm start to start the Node server

Note: Make sure you have an admin account in the database under user collection. (Refer the schema in Models folder)

Part 2 - Setting up Python environment

  1. After cloning the repo, navigate to the folder dronesym-python
  2. Run sudo pip install -r requirements.txt to pull the dependencies
  3. Navigate to dronsym-python/flask-api/src folder
  4. Run python main.py to start the Flask server Note: Node server should be running when starting up the Flask server

Part 3 - Setting up the Angular front-end

Make sure that you have Node6.x or higher version installed

Install AngularCLI

$ npm install -g @angular/cli

Set environmental variable in ./dronesym-frontend/src/environments/environment.ts

Note: You will have to rename the example.environment.ts to environment.ts or create new file, for example by copying the example file:

$ cp src/environments/example.environment.ts src/environments/environment.ts`
nodeApiURL: 'http://localhost:3000/dronesym/api/node',
feedURL: 'http://localhost:3000/feed'

Note: Dronesym Node server (./dronesym-node/) and DroneSym Flask server (./dronesym-python/flask-api/src) should be running before starting the frontend server_

Starting the Angular2 development server

$ npm install
$ ng serve

Default login credentials


username: admin
password: admin


username: icarus
password: icarus

Part 4 - Running with Docker (Optional)

Checkout to docker branch

$ git checkout docker

Navigate to the root folder


$ docker-compose up

Run Unit Tests Node

For node unit tests - both the flask server and node server have to be running.

Navigate to dronesym-node Run npm test