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Scorpion is configured using properties files and code.

The default properties file is and is generated when the server is started for the first time. It contains key-value pairs that are read on startup.

Useful configuration keys are:

  • scorpion.profiles indicates which profiles are active. The wiki contains a page dedicated to profiles.
  • scorpion.log indicates the log level of the applications. Valid values are all, trace, info, warning, error, critical, fatal and off. The default value is info.
  • scorpion.ip indicates the ip address where the server is started. The default value is
  • scorpion.port indicates the port where the server is started. The default value is 80.

Configuration from code

Classes marked with the @Configuration attribute will be marked as configurations. Configurations should extend one ore more configuration interfaces and implement their functions.

Available configuration interfaces are:

  • ProfilesConfiguration indicates which profiles are always active on the application through the defaultProfiles property, which returns an array of strings.
  • LanguageConfiguration returns an associative array of language files to be parsed by the language manager through the loadLanguages function, where keys are ISO 639-1 codes and the values are the content of a language file. Language files are a list of key-value pairs separated by an equals sign.
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