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Currently active developers
Richard Jones (Optigon):
Major updates to the Tweak plug-in.
The original author of many plug-ins, for instance
Circularise, Constraints, Contour, and Sweep Extrude.
Added many features and corrected many bugs.
Björn Gustavsson (bjorng):
Releases the Wings releases.
Occasionally corrects bugs and does minor improvements.
Andrzej Giniewicz
Dan Gudmundsson
Special contributors
Mike Owen (roadtoad):
Started the "Wings3D - Official Development Forum".
Created the Octotoad primitive.
Paul Budd (puzzledpaul):
Tested an almost endless number of Wings releases, and
suggested new features for improving the workflow.
Created "aardvarks" - a resource pages with tutorials,
notes and information about Wings. Now at:
History of Wings Developement
In roughly chronological order, here are most of the developers
that have taken part in the development of Wings.
Björn Gustavsson:
Started writing Wings beginning of April 2001.
Most of the Nendo functionality (except Rotate Free/Plane Cut)
was in place in the middle of July 2001.
Was the principal developer of Wings to the beginning of 2005.
Jakob Cederlund:
Implemented the Tube, Cone, Sphere, and Torus objects.
Brain-storming and discussion partner.
Implemented the Collapse commands. Original idea and
implementation of the Intrude and Select Similar.
Implemented the original plug-in architecture.
Wrote the Spiral plug-in.
Dan Gudmundsson:
Wrote the ESDL package that made it possible.
Ideas and inspiration.
Wrote the e3d_image modules.
Wrote the original material editor.
Principal author of Auto-UV.
Vlad Dumitrescu: Bugfix for middle-mouse button emulation.
Patrik Nyblom: User interface plugins for file dialogs. Makefiles for Windows.
Anthony D'Agostino: Provided me with info on the NDO format.
Wrote the Torus Knot, Torus, and Plane plug-ins.
Implemented the themes.
Added the OpenGL shaders (View | Shaders).
Gregg Griffin: Designed icons and the new look of Wings.
Chris Osgood (WingsOne):
Wrote the qt_file plugin.
Contributed working code for several new features, such as
axis letters and showing the grid whenever the view is
Implemented advanced menus, named vectors, secondary
selections, and other new features in a set of patches.
These ideas, and some of the code, is now included in
the core of Wings.
Howard Trickey:
Wrote the new, much better triangulator (and a quadrilator)
in e3d_mesh.
Wrote the AI import, Triangulate & Quadrangulate, and Text
Wrote the Hash A:M exporter.
Anders Conradi: Wrote the Select|Edge Ring command (originally as a plug-in).
Sean Hinde (Earlyriser):
Wrote the VRML exporter.
Got Wings working on Mac OS X.
Packaged Wings an a Mac application.
Danni Coy (KayosIII):
Significantly enhanced the Renderman exporter. Added the Render
Patrick de Klein (TheChalker):
Designed the Wings icon that is used on the Windows version of Wings.
Clarence Vidalies (clacos):
Implemented the File|Save Incrementally command.
Mark Luffel:
Implemented named selections groups.
Chris Wayles:
Made nicer eye and pyramid icons for the Object and Outliner window.
Raimo Niskanen (ratmapper):
Wrote the Yafray plug-in.
Keith Bauer:
Created Mac OS X document icons for all file types that Wings supports.
Dmitry Efremov:
Implemented the Cartoon Edges export plugin.
Riccardo Venier (
Translated all the strings in the Wings core to Italian, and implemented
a mechanism for changing langugages.
Paul M (elrond79):
Wrote intersect (vertex/edge) commands and force ortho view option when
camera is on one of the major axis.
Improved 3DS import so that all triangles are converted to polygons
(unless doing so would create holes or create isolated vertices).
Andrzej Giniewicz (Giniu):
Implemented the Absolute Scale and Move commands.
Miscellanous improvements and bug fixes.
Benjamin Burnett (Gordo):
Designed the new icon and splash screen for Wings 1.0.
Chris Hegarty (Avariant):
Implemented the (new) Povray exporter and the Kerkythea exporter.
Auto-UV credits
Dan Gudmundsson (idea; principal author)
Bjorn Gustavsson
Raimo Niskanen (implemented the Least Square Conformal Map algorithm)
Czech: Libor Divis
Finnish: Tapio Ryynänen (Mostlymop)
French: Nicolas Bouillard (syndarion)
German: Torsten Manz
Italian: Riccardo Venier
Polish: A. Giniewicz, M. Napiontek, K. Giniewicz, Maciej Milewski
Portuguese: Luiz Fonte Boa.
Russian: Paul Geraskin
Swedish: Dan Gudmundsson, Björn Gustavsson
Turkish: Devilgreen