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--- 1.0.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Edge|Collapse could crash in some cases. Now fixed. [optigon]
- The Edge Ring command (Select|Edge Loop|Edge Ring) would
select edges between hidden faces. [bjorng]
- Fixed Tweak drag Normal. (Thanks to Fonte Boa). [optigon]
- In rare circumstances, the progress bar could reach 1.0
(the far end) even if the operation was not finished and cause
Wings to crash hard. (Thanks to deerwood.) [bjorng]
- If the workaround against disappearing text was enabled,
there would be crash when attempting to display any character
not included in the fonts, which could happen when using the
file dialog on Linux to browse a file system where the filenames
are encoded using UTF-8. (Thanks to mifth.) [bjorng]
- In the file dialog on Mac OS X, selecting a filename
containing non-US ASCII characters (such as the Swedish
letters Å, Ä, or Ö) would cause a hard crash. [bjorng]
- It was not possible to load JPEG, PNG, or GIF images (either
as textures or using the Image Plane commands) on Snow Leopard.
(Thanks to Riolan and nobrandname.) [bjorng]
- This release for Mac OS X has been built with Snow
Leopard (10.6) as the host OS. It is still supposed to work on
Tiger (10.4) with either PPC or Intel CPUs, but I have no way to
actually test that. [bjorng]
--- 1.0.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------
- Magnets are now drawn correctly in Tweak when selections across multiple
objects are dragged. [optigon]
- Selectings multiple objects in Tweak and calling a command via a hotkey would
only affect one of the objects. Now corrected. [optigon]
- Tweak Crash to do with unchecked camera mode reported by Fonte Boa corrected.
- Tweak mode temporary selection fix. [optigon]
- Select Similar Normals with the option Connected Faces Only and
a selection comprising multiple objects would cause a crash.
(Thanks to pauljs75.) [bjorng]
- When creating a texture from vertex colors in the AutoUV window, the
colors will be properly interpolated (smoothed). [scorpius]
- Keyboard events in Tweak while dragging could cause slow downs. Now Fixed.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Additional Geometry Windows can now be closed from within Tweak mode.
(Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- Dragging in Tweak is no longer limited to the size of the current window.
- Conflicts due to mouse events in adjacent Geometry Windows have been solved by
locking the focus to the original window during paint selection and dragging
in Tweak Mode. (Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [optigon]
- New Tweak option to set Tweak Magnet Increment. [optigon]
- Spherical UV mapping corrected. [dgud]
- Doing a Doo-Sabin sub-division on multiple objects would leave an
invalid selection that could cause crashes. (Thanks to Fonte Boa.) [bjorng]
- Very old Wings files could have invalid mirror faces, which would cause
crashes. Now clearing the mirror face if it is invalid when loading
a Wings file. [bjorng]