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Notable new feature in 1.4 (compared to 1.2)
- Major rewrite of Tweak to integrate it into the Wings core. The new Tweak
features improved performance, additional tools, and more flexibility.
- Lots of new tools:
- Plane Cut and Slice for cutting objects or face selections
- Rotate Unconstrained for multi-axis rotations
- Sculpt Mode lets you push, pull, inflate, pinch, and smooth your model
- Face|Bridge now connects any two face regions
- Body|Weld now manages neighbouring faces
- View Along Nearest Axis (use 1 hotkey instead of 6)
- Interface improvements:
- Asian font support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
- Rollup windows into their titlebars
- Right-Click menus now sport a Menu Toolbar
- Folders and new icons for the Geometry Graph
- Four color themes to choose from in the Edit menu
- Save and load Preference Subsets from the File menu
- Automatic menu clipping for long menus
- Tweak Palette for selecting Tweak tools, magnets, and axis constraints
- Fix to properly restore the maximized Wings layout on Windows
- Many bugfixes and improvements
- Documentation for the new Tweak and some of the other new features can be
found on the Wings3d Sourceforge Wiki: