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Scotas OLS official on Docker

Sample Docker build files to facilitate installation, configuration, and environment setup for DevOps users. For more information about Scotas OLS please see the Scotas OLS | Oracle + Solr Lucene.

How to build and run

This project offers sample Dockerfiles for:

  • Scotas OLS on top of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( Enterprise Edition

To assist in building the images, you can use the buildDockerImage.sh script. See below for instructions and usage.

The buildDockerImage.sh script is just a utility shell script that performs an easy way for beginners to get started. Expert users are welcome to directly call docker build with their prefered set of parameters.

Building Scotas OLS Docker Install Images

IMPORTANT: You will have to provide the Oracle Database base image at your local repository. See this README.md file for more instructions.

Before you build the image make sure that you have a oracle/database: ready for example:

 [mochoa@localhost ols-official]$ docker image ls|grep oracle
 oracle/database                                           1a870e15682d        6 weeks ago         14.8 GB

IMPORTANT: The resulting images will be an image with the Scotas OLS binaries installed. On first startup of the container a new database will be created, the following lines highlight when the database is ready to be used:

 ODCI patched
 Installing OLS...
 OLS installed see /home/oracle/install-OLS.log and /home/oracle/install-OLS.err files for details
 OLS Installed OK....

Running Scotas OLS in a Docker container

Running Scotas OLS on top of Oracle Enterprise Edition in a Docker container

To run your Scotas OLS Docker image use the docker run command as follows:

docker run --name <container name> \
-p <host port>:1521 -p <host port>:5500 \
-e ORACLE_SID=<your SID> \
-e ORACLE_PDB=<your PDB name> \
-e ORACLE_PWD=<your database passwords> \
-e ORACLE_CHARACTERSET=<your character set> \
-v [<host mount point>:]/opt/oracle/oradata \

   --name:        The name of the container (default: auto generated)
   -p:            The port mapping of the host port to the container port. 
                  Two ports are exposed: 1521 (Oracle Listener), 5500 (OEM Express)
                      Optional 9099 if you want to control Solr logging level
   -e ORACLE_SID: The Oracle Database SID that should be used, required parameter
   -e ORACLE_PDB: The Oracle Database PDB name that should be used, required parameter
   -e ORACLE_PWD: The Oracle Database SYS, SYSTEM and PDB_ADMIN password, required parameter
                  The character set to use when creating the database (default: AL32UTF8)
   -v             The data volume to use for the database.
                  Has to be owned by the Unix user "oracle" (chown 54321:54321 <host mount point>) or set appropriately.
                  If omitted the database will not be persisted over container recreation.

There are two ports that are exposed in this image:

  • 1521 which is the port to connect to the Oracle Database.
  • 5500 which is the port of OEM Express.

The password for SYS/SYSTEM and PDB_ADMIN accounts can be changed via the docker exec command. Note, the container has to be running:

docker exec test su - oracle -c "/opt/oracle/setPassword.sh <your password>"

Once the container has been started you can connect to it just like to any other database:

sqlplus sys/<your password>@//localhost:1521/TEST as sysdba
sqlplus system/<your password>@//localhost:1521/TEST

Running SQL*Plus in a Docker container

You may use the same Oracle Docker image which was used as base image for ols-official:2.0.2, to run sqlplus to connect to it, for example:

docker run --rm -ti oracle/database: sqlplus pdbadmin/<yourpassword>@//<db-container-ip>:1521/ORCLPDB1

Another option is to use docker exec and run sqlplus from within the same container already running the database:

docker exec -ti <container name> /bin/bash
    bash-4.2# su -l oracle
    Last login: Wed May 17 11:38:57 UTC 2017
    [oracle@test ~]$ sqlplus pdbadmin@PDB1

Known issues

  • The overlay storage driver on CentOS has proven to run into Docker bug #25409. We recommend using btrfs or overlay2 instead. For more details see issue #317.
  • Unlike Oracle Docker images Scotas OLS installer do not work with random generated password, ORACLE_PWD must be passed in first run of the container when the Database is created and OLS is installed
  • Unlike Oracle Docker images this container run as root at the entry point for starting the Database, this fixs:
    • ORA-04035: unable to allocate 4096 bytes of shared memory in shared object cache "JOXSHM" of size "1073741824"
    • ORA-27106: system pages not available to allocate memory


Contact Scotas OLS support at info@scotas.com