Simple Github library for CodeIgniter. Supports GitHub OAuth API and all the other cool little functions and calls they have.
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Simple Github library for CodeIgniter. Supports GitHub OAuth API and all the other cool little functions and calls they have.

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CodeIgniter Github

What is this?

It's an out of the box starter for using OAuth and GitHub. It uses the latest version of Codeigniter and has a running demo so all you have to do is set your config keys and you're done. It's one of my last CodeIgniter projects that I want to open-source before embracing the Laravel world entirely.

Quick Start

  • Clone this repo
  • Create a GitHub Application on
  • Update /application/config/github.php

Are all these files required?

No. There's a lot of stuff that this comes with. You don't need most of these files to get started. For example, I use Stencil Codeigniter Template Library to do the templating. You don't have to do that.

Requried Files:

  • /application/config/github.php
  • /applicaiton/library/Github.php
  • /application/controllers/authorize.php (not technically necessary, but might as well use it since it's already built for you)

Basics of how everything works

First, autoload the config and the library, then set your config settings.

Determine if a User is Logged In

This library determines if you are logged in if you have a GitHub Access Token or not. To see if you are logged in or not just call the function:


This will return FALSE if the user is not logged in. If the user isn't logged in, you'll need to log them in!

Log in a user

You need to send them to the GitHub login URL. You can do this by having them click there via an <a> tag or just by redirecting them. This is how you get the login URL:


That's it! Make sure that wherever your redirect uri config option is set has this function in it receiving it:


This function pretty much does everything for you -- checking all sorts of OAuth verification checks. If the function returns FALSE, the login failed. You get any error messages like this:


See the authorize controller to understand better how it works. Invoking this method will also work for any other times an error needs to be caught.

Getting Data -- curl(), the super REST function

This function is intended to make all GitHub REST API calls. This is how it is broken down:

public function curl($uri, $verb = 'GET', $body = array(), $headers = FALSE);

So whenever you call this function, it will automatically build a URL with the access token based on the arguments you submit.

For example, if you want to get list your gists, it will look like this:


Simple. if you need to do something more complicated it could look like this:

$this->github->curl('gists/'.$id, 'PATCH', $body);

It can even return HTTP Codes (perfect for REST). It would look something like this:

$this->github->curl('gists/'.$id.'/star', 'GET', '', TRUE);

Notes / To-Dos

  • Throw Errors for try/catch versus returning FALSE all the time