Starter kit to use Gulp with Less. Features Bootstrap 3, minify, lint, and watch.
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Starter kit to use Gulp with Less.

==================================== A super clean and easy to use starter kit for using Gulp and Less. This should help you repurpose Gulp and Less for your own projects.


LESS / CSS Stuff

  • Watches for Less changes on save
  • Checks for Less errors and outputs them without you having to rerun Gulp
  • Autoprefixes for legacy browsers
  • Combines all CSS into one big and sexy minified file
  • Includes Less Bootstrap

Javascript Stuff

  • Automatically compiles all jQuery libraries into one big file JS file
  • Lints custom scripts for errors
  • Combines all custom scripts into one file

How To Use

$ git clone
$ cd gulp-and-less-starter-kit
$ npm install

After, run

$ gulp


$ gulp server

...if you need a local server. Folder build serving at http://localhost:8888

Should use Livereload extension. Or inject <script src="//localhost:35729/livereload.js"></script> into your page.

When you change a LESS(or JS) file, the page will reload.


If this isn't working, it's probably because you need to update. Just run npm update --save-dev

If no command gulp found?, you need to install it globally npm install -g gulp or run npm run gulp

Still broken or not working?

Try this:

sudo npm cache clean
npm install --save-dev
npm update --save-dev

Quick Tips

  • Any changes in assets/less/* will trigger the Less to compile on save
  • All files in assets/js/libs/* will be compressed to build/jquery.plugins.min.js
  • All files in assets/js/* (except for libs) will be compressed to build/scripts.min.js

Special Thanks

To Kenny Song for his contributions and