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Learn jQuery for Total Noobs

100% Free. 3 Volumes. 50 Lessons. 4.5 Hours of Content

View the Official Landing Page at No Noob Left Behind

Volume I: Lean jQuery for Total Noobs Volume I: JavaScript Crash Course

Learn need-to-know JavaScript concepts designed to be easy for the absolute beginner.

Volume I

Learn jQuery for Total Noobs Volume II: jQuery is So Easy Course

Dive into Volume II to learn and understand how jQuery works.

Volume II

Learn jQuery for Total Noobs Volume III: Demos & Practice Course

Learn to use your knowledge today with easy and more complex real-world JavaScript examples.

Volume III


  • Actually understand JavaScript, not just jQuery.
  • Take your 1st Steps to become a developer pro.
  • Introduce you to JavaScript for the first time.
  • Be able to make fancier websites by writing custom jQuery.
  • If you're a new coder, help getting a dev job cake (HTML, CSS, JS).
  • Set you up to take on the crazy JS framework world ahead.

Who is this for?

If you are or know a developer dude or dudette who:

  • Is brand new to code and only knows HTML and CSS.
  • Is a total noob that just needs a friendly shove to learn JS more.
  • Is a jQuery dabbler but really have no idea what they have been doing.
  • Is a designer or slicer who's been trying to learn more.
  • Is a WP or other CMS dev who's just never had much JS opportunity.
  • Is an absolute beginner we all start somewhere.

Regardless of skill-level, you'll be able to follow along and enojoy this course.