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# Additional configuration for erlinit
# Turn on the debug prints
# Specify the UART port that the shell should use.
-c tty1
# If more than one tty are available, always warn if the user is looking at
# the wrong one.
# Use dtach to capture the iex session so that it can be redirected
# to the app's GUI
#-s "/usr/bin/dtach -N /tmp/iex_prompt"
# Specify the user and group IDs for the Erlang VM
#--uid 100
#--gid 200
# Uncomment to hang the board rather than rebooting when Erlang exits
# Optionally run a program if the Erlang VM exits
#--run-on-exit /bin/sh
# Enable UTF-8 filename handling in Erlang and custom inet configuration
-e LANG=en_US.UTF-8;LANGUAGE=en;ERL_INETRC=/etc/erl_inetrc;ERL_CRASH_DUMP=/root/crash.dump
# Mount the application partition
# See about
# ignoring warning the Linux kernel warning about using UTF8 with vfat.
-m /dev/mmcblk0p3:/root:vfat::
# Erlang release search path
-r /srv/erlang
# Assign a unique hostname based on the board id
-d "/usr/bin/boardid -b rpi -n 4"
-n nerves-%.4s