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Git repository to RSS translator and optional Sinatra-based server
Latest commit 129ce93 May 21, 2010 @scotchi Support bare repos as well



Produces an RSS v2 XML stream for a Git repository. Can be used inline in an application or as a stand-alone server.


Gitfeed can be used inline in an application to produce a string with the RSS commits:

require 'rubygems'
require 'gitfeed'

gf ='/home/git/repository')
puts gf.feed

It can also be used as a standalone server inside of an application:

require 'rubygems'
require 'gitfeed'


Or it can be used on the command line:

gitfeed /home/git/repository

Customizing the output

You can specify a Haml file to be used for each entry, the default is:

  %strong Author:
  %a{ :href => "mailto:#{}" }
  %strong Date:
  %strong Message:
  = entry.message
  %strong SHA:
  = entry.objectish
- if @include_diffs && !entry.parents.empty?
    = @git.diff(entry.parents.first.objectish, entry.objectish)

This can be passed as a configuration option either to the construtor, server or command line:

gitfeed --template=template.haml /home/git/repository


Copyright © 2010 Scott Wheeler. See LICENSE for details.

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