Self-contained website to send postcards via the Lob API.
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post is an idea I had when I was home in Colorado. I was spending time with my grandma and it made me really sad that I couldn't communicate with her easily while I'm away. She's hard of hearing and doesn't own a computer. I realized it would be great if I could send her some pictures and letters every once in a while: postcards!

The whole website is powered by Lob, which is an awesome printing API. It's pretty cheap too: just $0.70 for a 4"x6" postcard and $1.50 for a colossal 6"x11" postcard! Since post uses the Lob API directly, you pay the Lob price and nothing more. I'm not out to make money with this project.

technical summary

Some code things used in post:

  • React + Redux
  • csjs
  • Babel
  • Travis CI deployment to GitHub Pages
  • for organization