Small utility class designed to display a dialog asking users to rate an android app.
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#AppRater for Android AppRate for android. Drop in your project and your ready to prompt users to rate your Android Market App.

##Install Just add to your project.


displayAsk2Rate(Context ctx, int days, int uses, boolean reminder)

context: Activity context for edit prefs (use getApplicationContext()) days: Number of days AFTER install required before displaying dialog uses: Number of uses required to display dialog. Use increaseAppUsed() as needed, This is a separate call from displayAsk2Rate for controlling uses(ex: events instead of sessions) reminder: True: If user decides not to rate the app display the dialog on next call of displayAsk2Rate, false, only show dialog once ever

increaseAppUsed(Context ctx)

Use this method to increase the number uses. This is split from the displayAsk2Rate call so you can have finer control over what constitutes a session / use. For example if you only wanted to show the dialog after a user made a purchase, call this in onPurchaseComplete() and not in onCreate().

##Example AppRater.displayAsk2Rate(this, 7, 1, false); // 7 days, 1 app use, don't remind if user dismisses dialog AppRater.increaseAppUsed(getApplicationContext()); // App was used once