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ARIA Switch control web component
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Switch web component

An example of switch controls (role=switch) built as a web component.

I'm sure this could be better constructed, so PRs are welcome :)

Available attributes

  • labelled-state:
    If set, will display "On" and "Off" text labels in toggle UI.
  • check:
    If set, will default to "on / checked" state. Otherwise will default to "off / unchecked".
  • disable:
    If set, will default to disabled state.

Example on CodePen

Screen Reader Quirks

Please review the breakdown of screen reader issues with role="switch". While this particular link goes to an example of using role=switch on a checkbox, the same issues occur if using role=switch on a button element as well, as this web component does.

License & Such

This script was written by Scott O'Hara.

It has an MIT license.

Do with it what you will :)

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