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Make role="button" elements listen for Space & Enter Keypresses
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ARIA Buttons

Use this script in combination with other scripts to reduce the amount of times one needs to set role="button" elements to accept both Space and Enter keys.

What's it do?

This script will search the DOM for any instances of role="button" and will make sure that Space and Enter key presses fire the click event associated with the element.

Next, the script will determine if the element with the role="button" needs a tabindex. If the element does not have a tabindex set, and if it is not an <a> with an href, then a tabindex="0" will be applied to the element.

Optional Functionality

The script will check if elements with role="button" have an aria-controls attribute. If an element doesn't, but has a data-controls or href set, then the script will add an aria-controls pulling in the IDREF of either data-controls or href.

If the element with role="button" is meant to be treated as a toggle button, the script will check for a data-pressed attribute. If data-pressed has a value of "true", then the script will add an aria-pressed="true" to the "button".

If the element has a data-pressed with an empty string, or any other value than "true", then the script will add an aria-pressed="false" to the "button".

Why do you need this?

As long as you're setting up role="button" elements to work with the appropriate keyboard controls in your own scripts, then you likely don't need this.

If you don't want to set ARIA buttons to work correctly in each of your scripts, and want to use a single script to do it for you once and for all, then maybe this script is for you!

License & Such

This script was written by Scott O'Hara.

It has an MIT license.

Do with it what you will :)

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