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Helpers to use jasmine with require

requireDependencies(deps, cb)

Loads modules for testing

describe('my tests', function() {
    requireDependencies(['someMod','anotherMod'], function(someMod, anotherMod) {
        // use someMod here or set a variable for use later


Creates stubs that will be returned from require that is in code that is being tested

Code to be tested

function(cb) {
    require(['someMod'], function(someMod) {
        // do something

The following code will return your stub when require is called.

describe('my tests', function() {
    stubs = {
        someMod: function(){
            return {// my module to return}

    beforeEach(function() {


  • I use these with jasmine running as a rake/CI task. I have not tested it with jasmine running standalone.

  • The code uses Array.isArray() from ECMAScript 5. Include a ES5 compatability library if you are testing using a browser that does not support ES5.