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Save2Drive is a Chrome extension to let you save link, image, audio and video to Google Drive™. See in Chrome Web Store.

Released under the MIT license.

You will find a new menu item in your context menu, allowing you to save links, images, HTML 5 audios and HTML 5 videos to Google Drive. Flash audio / video is not supported.


Q: Can I save any link, image, HTML5 audio and HTML5 video to my Google Drive with Save2Drive?
A: No, but most of them. Save2Drive only works with publicly accessible resources (i.e. resources that do not require you do log in to some account in order to download). However, most web resources are publicly accessible. Although from a user's perspective, you do need to log in to see some resources, they can still be publicly accessible, and Save2Drive should work perfectly with them. A Facebook image is a good example of this.

Q: Why not support multiple Google accounts?
A: To the best of my knowledge, multiple account feature can only be supported through the Google Drive API, which does not currently support creating a file from a link. So basically this feature is not possible for the time being.