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Monitors MongoDB instances and sends data to Elasticsearch
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Scott Crespo
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Mongobeat is a lightweight agent that formats and ships infomation about a MongoDB instance.

This project is currently in an early development phase, and is not intended for production use!

Data Shipped By Mongobeat

Field Mongo CLI Command
db_stats db.stats()
server_status db.serverStatus()


Mongobeat iterates through the list of running databases on the instance and calls db.stats().

The results are appended to the field dbStats as part of the Mongobeat event.

Ensure that this folder is at the following location: ${GOPATH}/


For each node in the cluster, mongobeat calls serverStatus() and ships the data to logstash

Getting Started with Mongobeat


Init Project

To get running with Mongobeat and also install the dependencies, run the following command:

make setup

It will create a clean git history for each major step. Note that you can always rewrite the history if you wish before pushing your changes.

To push Mongobeat in the git repository, run the following commands:

git remote set-url origin
git push origin master

For further development, check out the beat developer guide.


To build the binary for Mongobeat run the command below. This will generate a binary in the same directory with the name mongobeat.



To run Mongobeat with debugging output enabled, run:

./mongobeat -c mongobeat.yml -e -d "*"


To test Mongobeat, run the following command:

make testsuite


make unit-tests
make system-tests
make integration-tests
make coverage-report

The test coverage is reported in the folder ./build/coverage/


Each beat has a template for the mapping in elasticsearch and a documentation for the fields which is automatically generated based on etc/fields.yml. To generate etc/mongobeat.template.json and etc/mongobeat.asciidoc

make update


To clean Mongobeat source code, run the following commands:

make fmt
make simplify

To clean up the build directory and generated artifacts, run:

make clean


To clone Mongobeat from the git repository, run the following commands:

mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/
cd ${GOPATH}/
git clone

For further development, check out the beat developer guide.


The beat frameworks provides tools to crosscompile and package your beat for different platforms. This requires docker and vendoring as described above. To build packages of your beat, run the following command:

make package

This will fetch and create all images required for the build process. The hole process to finish can take several minutes.

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