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Example using RSpec based web acceptance tests

This example demonstrates how to run tests in parallel to take advantage
of Selenium Grid functionalities.

Getting Ready

To run this example you will need:

  * Have a valid Ruby install:
  * Have RubyGems installed :
  * Install the RSpec gem  : `sudo gem install rspec`
    This example has been tested with RSpec 1.0.8
  * Install the Spec UI gem : `sudo gem install spec_ui`
    Spec UI provides some nice reporting for Selenium tests

  You are probably better off running this example on Mac OS X or another
UNIX platform. Be prepared to get your hands dirty if you run this on
Windows, this has not been tested yet.

Running the Tests

  To run the tests you must first launch a Selenium Hub and 4 Selenium
  remote controls as explained in the Demo:

  You can then:

  * Run the tests in sequence:

      $ rake run_in_sequence

  * Run the tests in parallel using Brian Takita's Multi-threaded runner:
    (only guaranted to work with RSpec 1.0.8 r2338)

     $ rake run_in_parallel_single_process

  * Run the tests in parallel spawning multiple processes:

     $ rake run_in_parallel

  Note that for a realistic web acceptance test suite, running tests in
parallel using Ruby green threads does not scale very well so I recommend
using the multi-process runner in real life. The multi-threaded runner is
very cool though, and should scale well with JRuby.

  For now only RSpec behaviours, not RSpec examples run in parallel
(i.e files, not tests). We are working on a better solution that can
efficiently run RSpec examples in parallel.

  This example also demonstrate how to get some pretty cool reporting
based on Spec UI. This is very useful to troubleshoot failures
when your web acceptance build turns red: You get screenshots and HTML
capture of the current page when a test fails. Pretty cool when tests are
distributed using Selenium Grid! Make sure to take a look at the ./report
directory after running `rake run_in_parallel`. Even better: change a
specification so that a test fails, launch `rake run_in_parallel` and
look at the new aggregated report.
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