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Source for personal website built with the Hugo static site builder
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Source for Personal site built using Hugo.

Version 1.1

Author: Scott Wilson

Here's a little site I built using Hugo. You can see the output of Hugo at

These are the steps I used to build this site:

  1. Install Hugo.
  2. Use
    hugo new site my-site-name
    to create the site. Change directory to my-site-name.
  3. Grab a template you like from HugoThemes. Create the directory themes and install it there.
  4. Run
    hugo server -w
    to start looking at your site locally. Add content until you're happy.
  5. I used ShrinkTheWeb to generate my thumbnails, but any thumbnail generator will work fine.
  6. Fiddle with config.toml until you're happy. Remember you have to restart hugo server each time you change configuration; the LiveReload doesn't handle this.
  7. Create a .gitignore and add public to it.
  8. Add your site to a new git repository. For reference, mine is
  9. Run
    to generate the final copy of your site. (I assume you have added your template to the config.toml file; if not, you will need to use hugo -t your-template.) Change directory to public.
  10. Add this directory to a new repository, with the name Again, for reference, mine is
  11. You're done! Your site will be live shortly at (Mine is
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