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Quantity Discounts Module for Zen Cart

Version 2.1

Author: Scott Wilson

Even more information on this contribution is provided in


This mod permits a shop to define up to five (admin specified) discount levels on a per-product, per category or total number of items purchased basis.

Discounts may also be done on the basis of dollars spent. The discounts may be expressed in percentage or currency units. Various user exits are provided to make it easy to extend the mod to meet shop requirements.

This limit of 5 levels can be exceeded by specifying your own levels.

Detailed Description:


Discount Level 1..5 and Discount 1..5 are fields which contain a set of five discount levels (min. quantity required to get to this level, discount amount) may be specified.

The Discount Basis radio buttons determine if quantity required to get to a discount level is counted as

  1. bulk purchases of a single item (Total By Item)
  2. by purchases within a category (Total By Category)
  3. by the total number of items in the cart (Total Items in Cart).

The Discount Units radio buttons allow the units of discount levels to be specified as

  1. percent off
  2. currency units off (e.g. dollars off total)
  3. currency units per item off (e.g. dollars off per item).

Note that when using Total By Category for products in subcategories, the "category" is the parent subcategory, which will not be the same as the top level category for items which are in subcategories.

Specifying "include tax = true" will gross the discount up by the amount of tax that would have been paid on the goods pre-discount. This is appropriate for shops under a price inclusive sales tax system, such as the UK VAT. Specifying Re-calculate tax = Standard will recalculate the entire tax based on the original subtotal minus the quantity discount.

Counting method allows you to discount by dollars spent (total in cart, by item or by category), as opposed to the typical way of determining totals, which is by count of items.

User Exits

Some shops will want to further customize their discounting policy.

Additional user exits are provided to permit the following customizations:

  • Include or exclude certain categories from discounting.
  • Include or exclude certain products from discounting.
  • Modify the discounts for particular categories if discounting by category.
  • Modify the discounts for particular items if discounting by item.


  • The function exclude_category() shows you how to add categories to a list of categories to not be discounted. This may be used with any Discount Basis.

  • The function exclude_product() shows you how to add products to a list of products to not be discounted. This may be used with any Discount Basis.

  • If you are using the Discount Basis "Total By Category," you may customize the discount for a specific category using the function apply_special_category_discount().

  • If you are using the Discount Basis "Total By Item," you may customize the discount for a specific item using the function apply_special_item_discount().

Each of these functions contains a simple example of how to use it using item and category numbers like 99999, 99998, etc.

Quantity Discounts discounts off the gross price of the goods.
This can result in a larger than expected discount if other discounts are added (such as coupons or group discounts), so bear this in mind when creating your discount strategy.

Breaking the Five Level Barrier

If you require more than five levels of discounts, look in the file includes/modules/order_total/ot_quantity_discount.php at the function called setup(). This provides an example of how to add more level, discount pairs.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Back up everything! Try this in a test environment prior to installing it on a live shop.

  2. If you already have the Quantity Discounts module installed, please deinstall your old copy by going to Admin->Modules->Order Total, selecting "Quantity Discount" and pressing the "Remove" button. Make a note of your settings so you can apply them to the new version. If you have customized the Quantity Discounts code (ot_quantity_discounts.php) to include or exclude particular categories or modify discount levels, back up this file.

  3. Copy the contents of the unzipped folder to the root directory of your shop. There are two new files in this mod. Previous versions of this mod required changes to shopping_cart.php; this is no longer true after ZenCart 1.3.5.

  4. Login to admin and in Modules->Order Total you will see 'Quantity Discount' listed along with all the other modules available.

  5. Click on 'Quantity Discount' to highlight the module and click on 'Install'

  6. Decide on the parameters you wish to use. The easiest way to do this is to open a shopping cart in another window, and just try different discounting models. The discounts are shown on the second step in "Your Total" under "Quantity Discount," which is itself a link that explains the calculation.

  7. Customization: If you have a single discounting policy for your shop, you're all set. If you wish to tailor the policy, you will have to add code to the user exits as described above.

  8. If you wish, get a copy of the Quantity Discounts Promotional Page by following the links on

This page displays your Quantity Discount policy.

Alternately, you may build your own promotional section on an existing page, such as an "about us" page or some other page that describes your policies, using this code:

  $value = "ot_quantity_discount.php"; 
  include(zen_get_file_directory(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $_SESSION['language'] . 
          '/modules/order_total/', $value, 'false'));
  include(DIR_WS_MODULES . "order_total/" . $value);
  $discount = new ot_quantity_discount();  
  if ($discount->check() > 0) {
     echo '<div class="content" id="discountPolicy">'; 
     echo '<h2>' . STORE_POLICY . '</h2>'; 
     echo $discount->get_html_policy();
     echo '<br /></div>'; 


  • You may also put this into tpl_product_info_display.php if you wish to advertise your discounts there. See the many examples on my web page for retrieving and formatting this information.

  • If you wish to format this information yourself, please use the get_discount_info() function, which returns an array of strings.

  • If you have used the apply_special_category_discount() or apply_special_item_discount() exits, you should add text below the call to get_html_policy() to describe these special cases.

  • If you are also using the Discount Preview Extension, please be sure that the second and third statements above in your code are include_once and not include as they were formerly.