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$buildPath = $args[0]
$packagename = $args[1]
$serviceconfig = $args[2]
$servicename = $args[3]
$thumbprint = $args[4]
$cert = Get-Item cert:\CurrentUser\My\$thumbprint
$sub = $args[5]
$slot = $args[6]
$storage = $args[7]
$package = join-path $buildPath $packageName
$config = join-path $buildPath $serviceconfig
$a = Get-Date
$buildLabel = $a.ToShortDateString() + "-" + $a.ToShortTimeString()
#Important! When using file based packages (non-http paths), the cmdlets will attempt to upload
#the package to blob storage for you automatically. If you do not specifiy a -StorageServiceName
#option, it will attempt to upload a storage account with the same name as $servicename. If that
#account does not exist, it will fail. This only applies to file-based package paths.
if ((Get-PSSnapin | ?{$_.Name -eq "AzureManagementToolsSnapIn"}) -eq $null)
Add-PSSnapin AzureManagementToolsSnapIn
$hostedService = Get-HostedService $servicename -Certificate $cert -SubscriptionId $sub | Get-Deployment -Slot $slot
if ($hostedService.Status -ne $null)
$hostedService |
Set-DeploymentStatus 'Suspended' |
Get-OperationStatus -WaitToComplete
$hostedService |
Remove-Deployment |
Get-OperationStatus -WaitToComplete
Get-HostedService -ServiceName $servicename -Certificate $cert -SubscriptionId $sub |
New-Deployment -Slot $slot -Package $package -Configuration $config -Label $buildLabel -ServiceName $servicename -StorageServiceName $storage |
Get-OperationStatus -WaitToComplete
Get-HostedService -ServiceName $servicename -Certificate $cert -SubscriptionId $sub |
Get-Deployment -Slot $slot |
Set-DeploymentStatus 'Running' |
Get-OperationStatus -WaitToComplete