Powershell module to interact with Junos devices.
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Allows the interaction of Junos devices (Juniper Networks) using Powershell.

Why Powershell?

There are a lot of good tools already out there to interact with Junos devices using Python, Ruby, etc. I basically wanted to add another one into the fray for those who might be heavy Windows users, like myself. The Python and Ruby modules can do a lot, more than this one can at the moment. But my goal is to keep adding functionality to it so it becomes an every day addition to those who love Junos!

Another reason why I chose to use Powershell was the majority of Windows users have Powershell already installed...so there's no need to install another programming language or other other binaries. Plus, I think Powershell is pretty awesome!


You must have the Posh-SSH module by darkoperator installed in order for this module to work correctly. If you do not, then please visit the above link and install it.


I recommend using either of these two automatic installation methods. You will need to install PsGet if you don't already have it for the first option.

  • If you have PsGet installed, run the following command:
    • Install-Module Posh-Junos
  • Without PsGet, paste the following into your Powershell console:
iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/scottdware/Posh-Junos/master/install.ps1")


You can update the module by issuing the -Update flag to the Install-Module Posh-Junos command if you are using PsGet. If you do not use PsGet, then you can re-run the command in the second option above and it will update the module to the newest version.

Manual Installation

  • Download the module and unzip it to a folder named Posh-Junos in your Modules folder.
    • Your Modules folder can be found by issuing the command $env:PSModulePath.
  • Import the module by issuing Import-Module Posh-Junos on the command line, or from within your Powershell profile.
    • Your profile can be found by issuing the command $profile.
  • To display all of the functions of this module, issue the Get-Command -Module Posh-Junos command.

Help, Documentation

Please visit the Wiki for more detailed documentation.