Simple SLAX script to view current IPSec VPN tunnels
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This is a simple SLAX script that when run, will display the IKE and IPsec information for a given VPN tunnel on your device.


  • Copy/upload the file to the device:

    scp vpn.slax user@device:/var/db/scripts/op/

  • Run the script from the local file system, in operational mode:

    op url /var/db/scripts/op/vpn.slax

  • Configure the script so it can be run by using it's name:

    set system scripts op file vpn.slax


Once you have the script on your device or ready to run, there is one parameter that will need to be given:

  • tunnel

You can specify this by issuing the following command from operational mode:

op vpn tunnel <name>

<name> can be one of two things:

  • When the word list is given, it will display all of the current, active VPN's.

  • When the name of a VPN is given, it will display all information related to said VPN.


When you run the script with the list parameter, you get the following output:

admin@vpn-firewall> op vpn tunnel list
Name                      Status
Somebody                  UP
Vendor-ABC                UP
Another-Vendor            UP
Vendor-2                  UP
Home                      UP

Enter Name or "q" to quit: 

When run with the name of a VPN, you get the following:

admin@vpn-firewall> op vpn tunnel Vendor-ABC

Name:                Vendor-ABC
Peer Address:
Mode:                main
Initiator Cookie:    93c1c6f551011dke
Responder Cookie:    c58ba44563da9a1a
Number of SA's:      10
Flow      |SPI       |Index     |Life      |Port      |Encryption
<         |86c9382   |87        | 999999   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
>         |6048e3fc  |87        | 999999   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
<         |ec7fd5ea  |94        | 999865   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
>         |af3987ad  |94        | 999865   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
<         |5cf9a141  |95        | 999993   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
>         |8d02e66a  |95        | 999993   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
<         |fe1466e2  |97        | 990594   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
>         |33c8e97e  |97        | 990594   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
<         |ee108284  |105       | 995931   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1
>         |454d2e4d  |105       | 995931   |500       |ESP:3des/sha1