Convert an SRX from a zone-based address book to a global one.
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Travis-CI license

This tool, when run against a Juniper SRX firewall, will convert all of the zone-based address books to a single global one.

You MUST be running JUNOS 11.2 or above

This script is used to build the standalone binaries. If you wish to use the same functionality in your own scripts, you can view the function(s) code in the main go-junos library here.

The underlying communication is over Netconf/SSH. Please make sure your devices allow this by using one or both of the following commands:

set system services netconf ssh
set security zones security-zone <xxx> interfaces <xxx> host-inbound-traffic system-services netconf


Head over to the releases page to download the latest version.

Example Usage

zone2global - Convert an SRX from a zone-based address book to a global one.

Usage: zone2global [OPTIONS]
        Choose to apply the configuration directly instead of creating a file.
  -p string
  -srx string
        SRX to run the conversion against. If specifying multiple, enclose in quotes, i.e. "srx240-1 srx1400-2"
  -u string
zone2global -srx somefirewall -u admin -p password -commit

If you omit the -commit option, then the configuration will be written to a file for each SRX you specified. For example, running the above command without the -commit option will create a file called somefirewall_globaladdrbook.txt in the same location where the script was run.