The Happiness Manifesto-What makes a happy developer?
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The Happiness Manifesto-The Beginning of Happiness Driven Development

You can view the original blog post here:

Herein lies the values we, as Happiness Driven Developers (HDD), hold to be true. Because who doesn't want to be happy?

As a happiness driven developer...

- We value languages that are optimized for developers over the computer
- We value agile development over waterfall development
- We value open-source frameworks and tools over tools controlled by a single organization
- We value strong test coverage for our code for both maintainability and documentation over untested codebases
- We value curiosity and exploration over adherence to standard
- We value maintainable code, emphasizing clarity over cleverness
- We value openness, sharing, and collaboration over credentials and barriers
- We value an environment conducive to all levels of experience, over exclusivity and elitism
- We value respect, understanding, and tolerance towards all in my community, over pure meritocracy
- We value and welcome new ideas and new ways of solving problems over "how we've always done things"

Update- Announcing Happiness Conf: