Console polling app to monitor the Gumstix Overo on-board ADCs
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A command line program to continuously poll the TPS65950 ADCs on the Gumstix Overo COMs.

For use with kernels >= 2.6.39 where the madc driver shows up under


There are 6 ADCs available on the Gumstix expansion boards, labelled ADC 2 - 7.


There is a Makefile provided for native building on a Gumstix with C development tools.

    root@overo:~/polladc# make
    gcc -Wall -O2 polladc.c -o polladc

There is a OE recipe that you can use to build a package and/or add to your image. It was only tested with Yocto builds.


    root@overo:~/polladc# ./polladc -h

    Usage: ./polladc <options> [adc-list]
      -d<delay-ms>       Millisecond to delay between reads, default 50
      adc-list           Space separated list of ADCs to monitor, 2-7

            ./polladc -d100 2 3 5

An example run, polling all 6 channels with the minimum delay of 1 ms.

    root@overo:~/polladc# ./polladc -d1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    (use ctrl-c to stop)

    ADC            2      3      4      5      6      7   
    Read  6048:  1483    124    122    129    129   1488  ^C

      Elapsed 65.18 sec
      Reads = 6065
      Rate = 93.047326 Hz

Screen updates are not done every read. This is so the timing doesn't get too distorted. Check the code for details.