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Connecting FilePicker and PaperClip. Filepicker uploads straight to S3 and Paperclip processes them.


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A FilePicker / PaperClip mashup. Use Filepicker for uploads and paperclip to process them.

What FileClip Does

FileClip saves a filepicker url to your image table which is then processed by paperclip after the object is saved.

Note: Breaking Changes when upgrading to 0.5


  • Filepicker URLs with paperclip styles as fallback
  • Seamless image handling while images are processed
  • Easy background processing with no risk of losing files
  • Unobtrusive, Paperclip uploads still work.

Minimal Viable Setup

Add to Paperclip table

# column prefix needs to be paperclip attachment name
class AddFileClipToImages < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def up
    add_column :images, :attachment_filepicker_url, :string
    add_column :images, :attachment_processing, :boolean

  def down
    remove_column :images, :attachment_filepicker_url
    remove_column :images, :attachment_processing

In Initializer

# config/initializers/fileclip.rb
# Defaults shown
FileClip.configure do |config|
  config.filepicker_key        = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX'              = ["COMPUTER"]
  config.max_size              = 20
  config.storage_path          = "/fileclip/"
  config.mime_types            = "images/*"
  config.file_access           = "public"
  config.excluded_environments = ["test"]
  config.default_service       = "COMPUTER"

In Model

# models/image.rb
class Image << ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attached_file :attachment

  fileclip :attachment

In View

# Loads Filepicker js, and FileClip js
<%= fileclip_js_include_tag %>

 # provides a button that can be styled any way you choose

<%= form_for( do |f| %>

  <%= f.fileclip :attachment, "Choose a File" %>

  <%= f.submit %>
<% end %>

# Specify a callback function that gets called when Filepicker completes
<%= f.fileclip :attachment, "Choose a File", :callback => 'window.MyApp.filepickerCallback' %>

More Control

# For more control you can disable automatic JS initialization.
# You'll need to add event handlers to the button manually.
<%= f.fileclip :attachment, "Choose a File", :class => ".my-fileclip", :activate => false %>

# Javascript

# Using FileClip's JS work
fileclip = new Fileclip(false)
fileclip.setupButton(".my-fileclip", myCallbackFunction)

# Or completely custom
$(document).on("click", ".my-fileclip", function() {
  // filepicker.pickAndStore ...
  // handle setting the value to the input

Current FilePicker options hardcoded

  • container modal
  • location is S3

Upgrading from < 0.5

  • Upgrade filepicker_url columns to use paperclip column prefixes
  • {attachment_name}_processing boolean column is now required
  • Change views to use formhelper f.fileclip instead of link_to_fileclip
  • Option of js: false is now activate: false
  • Custom code hooked into fileclip.js needs to be evaluated carefully


If you'd like to contribute a feature or bugfix: Thanks! Run tests with rake. Post a pull request and make sure there are tests!


These validations will return errors even if the filepicker url is present:

validates :attachment, :presence => true
validates_attachment_presence :attachment

However, this will work fine. It'll skip the attachment check if a filepicker url is present and validate if it's not. There's a pending test to fix this.

validates :attachment, :attachment_presence => true
validates_attachment :attachment, :attachment_presence => true


Connecting FilePicker and PaperClip. Filepicker uploads straight to S3 and Paperclip processes them.







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