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Delta 5 Race Timer

Delta5 Race Timer

Multi-node radio frequency race timing system for FPV drone racing. Uses the 5.8Ghz video signals already being broadcast by each drones to trigger a lap timer; no additional equipment is required on the drone.

Each receiver node is tuned to the video frequency that a drone is broadcasting on and then connected to a raspberry pi. By default, up to eight racing drones can be tracked in a race.

Major Features

  • The system hosts its own web server which is used to control the system, no additional software is needed, any device with a web browser can connect
  • Automatic calibration; the system sets triggers at the start of each race
  • Manage pilot names, assign them to heats, and after each race save the results to a local database
  • Supports the standard 40 FPV video channels

SD Card Image

Hardware and Software Setup

To build the system, follow the instructions here: /doc/Hardware and Software Setup

User Guide

For initial setup and running races, follow these instructions: /doc/User


Have questions? Comments? Join us at the Delta 5 Race Timer Facebook Group page and we'll try to help troubleshoot.