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Easily configure GitHub web hooks.
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Easily configure GitHub web hooks.

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GitHub doesn't provide a UI for configuring which events a web hook listens to. Hookup provides a simple way to manage the events for web hooks.

Command line tool


npm install -g hookup


hookup -l username -p password -r user/repo -u -e push,status

Node module


npm install hookup


var hookup = require( "hookup" );
var client = hookup.createClient({
    username: username,
    password: password
    repo: "user/repo",
    events: [ "push", "status" ]

The node module contains lower-level methods for interacting with hooks and the GitHub API in general.


The following events are available:

  • push - Any git push to a Repository.
  • issues - Any time an Issue is opened or closed.
  • issue_comment - Any time an Issue is commented on.
  • commit_comment - Any time a Commit is commented on.
  • create - Any time a Repository, Branch, or Tag is created.
  • delete - Any time a Branch or Tag is deleted.
  • pull_request - Any time a Pull Request is opened, closed, or synchronized (updated due to a new push in the branch that the pull request is tracking).
  • pull_request_review_comment - Any time a Commit is commented on while inside a Pull Request review (the Files Changed tab).
  • gollum - Any time a Wiki page is updated.
  • watch - Any time a User watches the Repository.
  • release - Any time a Release is published in the Repository.
  • fork - Any time a Repository is forked.
  • fork_apply - Any time a patch is applied to the Repository from the Fork Queue.
  • member - Any time a User is added as a collaborator to a non-Organization Repository.
  • public - Any time a Repository changes from private to public.
  • team_add - Any time a team is added or modified on a Repository.
  • status - Any time a Repository has a status update from the API

Check the GitHub API docs for up-to-date information.


Copyright 2013 Scott González. Released under the terms of the MIT license.

Support this project by donating on Gittip.

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