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Word diffs #12

scottgonzalez opened this Issue · 3 comments

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There's already a branch for this, but I can't figure out good logic for determining what a "word" is. Looking into the logic used for git instaweb might provide some insight.


:+1: for this feature.

I'm not sure how git instaweb helps, that seems to be mostly a bash script that integrates various web servers:

I've looked around for any details or even open source projects from GitHub's implementation. The closest I could find is this blog post, but that mostly talks about split view diffs:

I've asked the author if there are any plans to open source something:

Maybe one day this will find results:


One more thing, for QUnit we're looking into using Google's diff-patch-match library (at least parts of it): jquery/qunit#772 - not sure if that would help here though.


I don't really want to stray from using git diff as that means I'd either have to drop support for all of the existing functionality or re-implement it myself. So using diff-patch-match isn't an option.

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