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Intro for Why Use the Widget Factory.

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+# Why Use the Widget Factory
+Writing jQuery plugins is as simple as adding a method to `jQuery.prototype`
+(more commonly seen as `$.fn`) and following some simple conventions like returning `this` for chainability.
+So why does the widget factory exist? And why is it hundreds of lines of code?
+In this document, we'll walk through the benefits of the widget factory and find out
+when and why it makes sense to use it.
+## Stateless vs. Stateful Plugins
+Most jQuery plugins are stateless; they perform some action and their job is done.
+For example, if you set the text of an element using `.text( "hello" )`,
+there is no setup phase and the result is always the same.
+For these types of plugins, it makes sense to just extend jQuery's prototype.
+However, some plugins are stateful; they have full life cycles, maintain state, and react to changes.
+These plugins require a lot of code dedicated to initialization and state management (and sometimes destruction).
+This results in a lot of boilerplate for building stateful plugins.
+Even worse, each plugin author may manage life cycles and state differently,
+resulting in different API styles for differnet plugins.
+The widget factory aims to solve both problems,
+removing the boilerplate and creating and creating a consistent API across plugins.

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