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Chuck Live Coding


ChucK Versioned Live Coding (lc) facilities live coding within ChucK by providing easy to use git versioning.

lc is

  • Git versioning of ChucK
  • Shortened commands
  • Designed for terminal livecoding


lc requires a current install of ChucK.

lc has been tested on OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 and Arch linux.



Install git on local host of versioned files.

$ cd project-folder

$ git init

First time git users would be advised to read the Offical Git Tutorial


As files are created they need to be added to the versioning

$ git add file-name

Also we need to start the ChucK VM

$ chuck –loop

For one window Chuck

$ chuck –loop &

Run ChucK file

$ lc

This will add the file to ChucK and then report the git submission report.

To replace the running Chuck code

$ lc shred-id

Shred id can be established via

$ chuck ^