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Personal website built with with support for webmentions
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Eleventy · Tailwind CSS · HTML · CSS · Javascript


Project Overview

  • The project uses Eleventy as a static site generator
  • Default templating is Nunjucks (can be changed if you want)
  • PostCSS set up to handle:
    • TailwindCSS
    • Autoprefixer
  • PurgeCSS to remove unused CSS (set up for TailwindCSS by default) in production
  • HTML minified in production
  • CSS inlined and minified in production
  • Webpack used to bundle scripts
  • Scripts optimised for production
  • Document <head> crafted using

Getting Started

Install dependencies

npm install

Working locally

Starts watch tasks to compile when changes detected

npm start

Creating a production build

Minify HTML, compress JS, inline and minify CSS.

npm run build


You can host the production output on any web server or service you like and upload it via any method, it'll work.

If you don't have an existing place to host your site you should have a look at Netlify, I can't recommend it enough. To get started you can hit the button below.

Deploy to Netlify


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