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iMessageR is a short and simple function you can use to send iMessages from R running macOS 10.8.x or later. You must have iMessages configured for the user account you are running R on.


  • Requires that R is running on a Mac running macOS 10.8.x or newer.
  • Requires that the computer user account is configured to send iMessages
  • Requires an active internet connection


Install by downloading from the CRAN website or:


Call the function with:

send.imessage(recipient: string, message: string)


The function accepts two arguments:

recipient: string
message: string

Where recipient is a phone number (10 digits in North America) or an email address of an iMessage user. Even if passing a phone number, this must be passed as a string, e.g.


Message is a string of any length that will comprise the body of the message sent to the recipient.

You cannot use quotes or apostrophes in the message string.


send.imessage("5551234567", "Hello World!")

sends "Hello World!" to an iMessage user with the phone number 5551234567

Use Cases

The primary use case is if a user would like a text alert upon the completion of a lengthy script, such as a script that runs a statistical analysis that takes a long time to complete.

Most likely you will be configuring this function to send a message to your own phone number or email, rather than a third-party.

Known issues

  • If the message string contains single or double quotes, the function will fail.
  • If the email address or phone number is incorrect or unrecognized, there is no notice to the user.


Connect with me on github where you can submit an issue or fork away!

Or reach out to me on twitter: @scottisloud.