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KeySearch is a hack-y replacement for Arne Martin Aurlien's brilliant SafariKeywordSearch extension. KeySearch works in Safari 5.2.


You can download KeySearch from here.

Erm, however.

As Arne pointed out:

Anything that doesn’t look like a URL is turned into a web search, before the beforeNavigate event is triggered. That means that the data sent along with the event looks like http://google.com?q=g%20monkey. [...] It is impossible to know whether the user entered “g monkey” as a keyword search or actually want to search google for “g monkey”.

All my extension does is assume that if you typed “[keyword] query” into the address bar, you wanted to do a keyword search. Now, this could end badly. For example, I have ea set up as a keyword for searching eBay Australia. So, to search eBay Australia for "blah", I type "ea blah" into the address bar. If I ever want to search Google for "ea games" (as in EA, the video game company), and I type "ea games" into the address bar, KeySearch will intercept that and assume that I wanted to search eBay Australia for "games".

Does that make sense? I feel like I explained that poorly.


If what you enter into the address bar looks like a keyword search, KeySearch will assume that it is a keyword search.

Future Work

Gee, I really gotta let people customise their search keywords.

For now, there's a big ol' dictionary called map in keywordsearch.js that contains all of the search keywords and what sites they correspond to. I borrowed Arne's convention of using @@@ as a placeholder for the search query. If you'd like to add your own custom search keywords, edit the map variable in keywordsearch.js and build the extension yourself. Otherwise, you're stuck with my keywords.