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@@ -34,4 +34,8 @@ This section is really only for me, but you can take a look at it to see what th
- Get Hu to record what websites I'm visiting.
- Get Hu to record which files are open and how long/big they are.
- Get Hu to record what the weather's like.
-- Get Hu to be extensible.
+- Get Hu to be extensible.
+# Administrivia #
+I plan on making Hu on my Mac, and as such, there might be some Mac-specific stuff going on (using AppleScript to get the URLs of open tabs in Safari, for example). We'll see what happens there. I also plan on making Hu a command-line thing for now. If I'm persuaded to, I might make it into a menubar app for Mac OS X, but someone else would have to write a system tray app for Windows users.
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