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This is all wishlist stuff, though. I'm hoping to get the basics done (what time it is, software open, websites I'm looking at, music I've been listening to, etc.) in a few weeks, then move on to making Hu extensible. If I get that done, the sky's the limit.
+# Using Hu #
+Hu is a little bit delicate at the moment. To use Hu, [download the source](, change your values at the top of `` and run `$ python`.
# The Plan #
This section is really only for me, but you can take a look at it to see what the roadmap for Hu looks like.
-- Get Hu to do stuff every ten minutes.
+- Get Hu to record stuff every ten minutes.
- Get Hu to record the time.
- Get Hu to record which apps I have open.
- Get Hu to record what music I've been listening to.

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