CDN/x-domain setup fails in IE7 and IE6 when <base> tag is used #100

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The CDN/x-domain setup works as expected in all browsers when absolute URL's are used for CDN. When a "base" tag is used in "head" for the CDN, the setup still works in IE8, but fails in IE7 (" Access is denied, error line 282 ") and IE6 (" Permission denied, error line 282 ").

I created a quick and dirty webpage " " with links to my test documents (tests 7, 8 and 9) and more findings about my tests done with respond.js.

I appreciate the great work done by Scott Jehl and the Filament Group in the field of progressive enhancement design.

best regards,

Marco Barnig


In my comment to the now closed issue #90 the "base" tag written between brackets was removed by the parser. Please read "base tag" instead od "tag", even if it should be clear what the purpose was in the "base" context.

@doctyper doctyper added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 1, 2012
@doctyper doctyper Resolves issue #100: CDN/x-domain setup fails in IE7 and IE6 when <ba…
…se> tag is used

- Suppresses a false-positive when a <base> element exists but no link protocol is found.
- The x-domain script now correctly tests for the existence of a <base> element and proxies/redirects using that reference.

That's great. doctyper, thank you very much for this quick fix. I tested the new scripts with my test documents and with my real project and they work as expected. Now I can progress with my project without using a workaround for IE7 and IE6. I need to add some other polyfills, namely for IE6, to make them fit for my design.
I updated my respond.js test page " " with the new informations.

Marco Barnig

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