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Crash in ie8 #106

mikevierwind opened this Issue · 16 comments

12 participants

Mike Vierwind Scott Jehl Ischa Gast Giovanni DiFeterici elyse holladay fetis Art Williams Daniel J. Lewis Joe Banks Anthony Cervantes joebotha Chee Yeo
Mike Vierwind

Internet explore in windows xp. Crashes when you load the website. When we put a background image on the body or html. Then the ie8 in windows xp is crasht. Can you fix this problem?

Scott Jehl
Ischa Gast

I made 6 test pages and 2 of them crashes in IE8 because there is a background-image on the body.

Testing done in IE8 on windows XP

background-image on the body and the browser crashed

background-image on the body with a class and the browser doesn't crash

background-image on the body with an id and the browser doesn't crash

Background image added via inline styles and the browser doesn't crash

Background image added via styles in the head and the browser doesn't crash

Background image added via styles in the head but before the script and the browser doesn't crash

I hope this helps :)

Giovanni DiFeterici

I had the same problem, so I attached the background image via a class and the problem stopped. Thanks for the testing IschaGast

elyse holladay

Hey Scott,

Still getting a hard crash. Made sure we have the latest, and we had bg images on the body, so we removed that, but it's still giving me a crash. if you have a second! :)


Ischa Gast

Strange because when I look in is doesn't crash anymore... have you cleared your browser cache etc...?


I have the same issue.

this test crashed for me too

Art Williams

We are experiencing this issue also. Background images on the

hard crashes IE8 in Windows XP.
Daniel J. Lewis

Wow! I'm glad I checked here before giving up. I was having the same crashes. IE8 in IE8 Standards Mode, as well as IE9 crashes. I was actually on Windows Server 2008.

Upon reading the issues here, I changed my CSS to apply a background image to body via a class, and it worked!

It's a good thing that, at least in this design, I have the ability to do that to just the body. I can't easily add a class to html, which I also sometimes use for background-images in addition to body.

Joe Banks

I had the same issue. I'm using v. 1.1. Removing the background image from the body tag prevented IE8 from crashing. This bug with IE8 seems to still exists (damn you, IE!).

Anthony Cervantes

We ran into the same issue. We updated matchMedia to use the same "fake body" logic that is found in respond.

I'm not sure that it mattered yet but we also added "background:none;" to the style for the test div and, if it was created, the fake body.

This cleared our issues on IE8.

Removing the background image on body wasn't a workable solution for us because we support a large number of skins/templates that can potentially set a background.


Just to confirm another report of IE8 crashing. Adding a class to body and applying the image to that class did stop the crashing.

Scott Jehl
Scott Jehl scottjehl referenced this issue from a commit
scottjehl styled fakeBody to have background: none, preventing IE crashes when …
…background image is on body element. Addresses issue #106. Please confirm the fix!
Scott Jehl
Ischa Gast

My test pages don't crash in browserstack IE8 anymore, I like!

Great work Scott!

Scott Jehl

closing out! thanks

Scott Jehl scottjehl closed this
Chee Yeo


this issue seems to cause problems in a recent site of mine on IE 8?

Invalid procecure call or argument respond.js

line 271 char 12

I'm using the master branch copy of respond.js

the test browser is IE 8 windows xp sp3

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