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Cross-Domain Example Not Working #117

dougo3world opened this Issue Mar 28, 2012 · 4 comments

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I downloaded the entire master branch and uploaded it to a server, and while the "test" example worked just fine, the cross-domain example did not work at all in IE 6-8. I received no errors or warnings. Can you confirm whether or not it is broken? If it's just me, please tell me what other information you need and I'll go ahead and get it to you.



I am also having trouble getting the CDN example to work. I have verified that files the are in the prescribed locations and that respond.js is being sourced after my stylesheet . However, IE7 and IE8 modes (in IE9) don't support my media query styles at all.

sievert commented Jan 3, 2013

Same here!
We found out, that there are some more bugs within the proxy.js:

Line: 70 (Needs a check for absolute urls, because it will always add the base url. CDN-setup has always absolute urls)
if (baseElem && href.indexOf(baseElem.href) === -1 && !(/^http/).test(href)) {

Starting Line 111 :
fakejax( href, function( css ){
if (link.styleSheet) {
link.styleSheet.rawCssText = css;
} else {
} );

After those changes it did work

lmeurs commented Mar 26, 2013

@sievert: Thanks a lot for the fix on line 70! It appears we do not need the 2nd fix, but applied it as well.


From 1.4 forward, we will not be claiming to support the CDN example.

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