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Fails if the string @media appears in a comment #22

necolas opened this Issue · 12 comments

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The styles in an @media block don't get applied if the string '@media' appears in a comment within the @media block (not sure about if it appears between blocks). I know it's an edge case, but I usually include @media in a comment this to mark the closing } of the MQ! The experimental parser didn't experience this issue.


Ran into the same issue. This can probably be avoided if comments are stripped before translate() is called


@necolas, @joelwan added a pull for stripping comments out. What's your take on whether Respond should do that? I think it's a pretty good idea, but trying to consider where it might trip someone up...



Sounds like a good idea if it can be done reliably.


I encountered this issue recently as well. As a workaround I added a space between @ and media so that the commented MQ wouldn't be parsed.


I ran into this error a few minutes ago, but just in Internet Explorer 8 and 7. Had a comment with @media [...] in it and my first media-query after this comment was ignored. In Firefox, Chrome, IE9, Safari and Opera there were no problems.


@paulchrablass I don't think my pull request that contains the patch that strips comments out has been merged accepted/merged yet. But you can try that as a temporary solution

@jefflembeck jefflembeck was assigned

We have decided to keep the parser dumb for speed purposes for the time being. Will potentially revisit this issue in the future. Thank you.

@jefflembeck jefflembeck reopened this

Reopening this for discussion.


We could take a very similar approach to what I did for the @viewport fix: strip the comments out with a regex.


Stripping via regex is in line with what i submitted as a pull request a while back. (looking at the timestamp - it was 2 years ago.)


@joelwan if you want to cook up another PR for it, I'll include it for the 1.5 release.

Marking as 1.5 milestone.

@zachleat zachleat closed this issue from a commit
@zachleat zachleat Fixes #22 f8057a5
@zachleat zachleat closed this in f8057a5

Thanks @joelwan!

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