This adds support for a cross-domain request to fetch the CSS files #46

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This allows for a CDN hosted CSS file on a separate domain to work with respond.js for browsers that support it (e.g. IE8). It naturally falls back to an HXR onerror.

Effectively, this adds support for CDNs in IE8, without having to use an iframe.


Interesting, thanks I'll take a look. Can you update this to latest on master, btw? Thanks.


Note that XDomainRequest requires you set an Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header on the remote file.

I considered implementing this in my patch (#28) but ultimately decided to limit the amount of setup and just use the iframe proxy. However, this is a great solution if you decide to deprecate IE6 & 7.


Mind submitting this one as a separate pull? Then I can grab it real quick. thanks!


Hmm. Looks good. Think we could combine this into the existing x-domain plugin (externally)?

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