Enable min-height and max-height media queries #96

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eikes commented Jan 23, 2012

No description provided.


Yes please. min/max-height are just as important.

jun9 commented Mar 2, 2012

does this fix ie8 issue?

defaude commented Mar 16, 2012

+1 :)




Please can this be added, width and height would be hugely beneficial in a standalone package.

nothnk commented Apr 6, 2012

+1, eikes thanks, works perfectly in IE7 / 8




@matmancini I found that Google code to be buggy when resized then refreshed in IE8. This pull request seems to make everything good again.

Would be great to have it merged into the main master.


@eikes +1 for min/max height. I used the file as is in your commit eikes/Respond@8ea4d1f and it worked like charm!

barryvdh commented Mar 3, 2013

+1 for this. Is there a recent fork with this patch?

eikes commented Mar 3, 2013

yes the fork lives where the pull request is coming from: https://github.com/eikes/Respond

barryvdh commented Mar 3, 2013

Yeah I see, but that it from a year ago, so they miss the recent commits.

IonDen commented Mar 25, 2013

Please add min/max-height!


I need this feature too… @scottjehl can't @eikes fix be added to the main file?


I've submitted another pull request using the same techniques as used in this pull request, but for the current version of Respond.js

cauli commented Feb 6, 2015

+1 : (

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