Stripping comments from raw css before parsing will avoid issues I've been having with commented-out MQ being picked up by the parser #98

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joelwan commented Jan 25, 2012

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Thanks, Joel.
I like this idea a lot, but I think it'll need some testing, and perhaps enabled optionally, if I pull it in. I can imagine a few scenarios where "/.../" could potentially appear in CSS when it's not a comment, like in a URL path perhaps. Just thinking out loud, and I'm probably overthinking this, but I've seen problems with comment stripping in other web dev scenarios and I'd want to play it safe.


joelwan replied Jan 27, 2012

np - just a suggestion. having that pattern as a file/folder name in the css would be twisted, but possible. feel free to modify, or discard.


I encountered this issue recently as well. As a workaround I added a space between @ and media so that the commented MQ wouldn't be parsed.


jefflembeck commented Nov 19, 2013

Going to close this for now. We have a comment in the readme about commented stuff still being parsed. Will revisit this issue in the future. Thanks!

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