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Some media query and cross-browser responsive design helpers, abstracted from jQuery Mobile. NOTE: if you're looking for a Media Query Shim for IE, check out Respond.js
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jQuery Media Helper Utilities from jQuery Mobile:

resolution and CSS media query related helpers and behavior

Dual licensed under the MIT (MIT-LICENSE.txt) and GPL (GPL-LICENSE.txt) licenses.

Demo page:

Exposed utilities:

  • orientationchange event from jQuery Mobile

    Handler automatically falls back to resize event in browsers that don't natively support it

    The event object contains an "orientation" property, which will equal either "portrait" or "landscape"


    $(window).bind('orientationchange', function(event){
        //alert( event.orientation );
  • $ method: pass a CSS media type or query and get a bool return

    Note: this feature relies on actual media query support for media queries, though types will work most anywhere


    $'screen') //>> tests for screen media type
    $'screen and (min-width: 480px)') //>> tests for screen media type with window width > 480px
    $'@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2)') //>> tests for webkit 2x pixel ratio (iPhone 4)
  • Cross-browser media-query width and orientation breakpoint classes

    This script automatically adds classes to the HTML element:

    - "portrait" or "landscape" for orientation
    - Min/Max width breakpoint classes for the following widths (by default):
        320px, 480px, 768px, 1024px
        ...which translate to classes that correspond to media query sytnax:
        .min-width-480px, .max-width-1024px, etc

    You can add breakpoints by number or array, like so:

    $.mh.addResolutionBreakpoints( 500 );
    $.mh.addResolutionBreakpoints( [500, 1200] );   
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