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A responsive image polyfill for <picture>, srcset, sizes, and more
JavaScript HTML CSS


A responsive image polyfill.

  • Authors: Scott Jehl, Mat Marquis, Shawn Jansepar (2.0 refactor lead), and many more: see Authors.txt
  • License: MIT


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Picturefill has two versions:

  • Version 2 is a strict polyfill of the Picture element draft specification and is the main version in development.
  • Version 1 mimics the Picture element pattern with span elements. It is maintained in the 1.2 branch.

Usage, Demos, Docs

To find out how to use Picturefill on your sites, visit the project and demo site:

Picturefill Documentation, Downloads, and Demos Site


For information on how to contribute code to Picturefill, check out


If you find a bug in Picturefill, please add it to the issue tracker


Picturefill discussion takes place via Slack. For an invitation, visit


Picturefill supports a broad range of browsers and devices (there are currently no known unsupported browsers), provided that you stick with the markup conventions provided.

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