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Merge pull request #611 from greystate/patch-1

Minor typo fix :)
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2 parents 3a153e5 + cfb4b13 commit 0edd9807b89d22ba62c2b3db473d65ac78b27941 @jegtnes jegtnes committed
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@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ <h2 class="hed-section" id="getting-started">Getting Started with Picturefill</h
<p>To allow your page to load more efficiently, we'd recommend adding an <code>async</code> attribute to that <code>script</code> tag as well. This tells the browser that it can load picturefill asynchronously, without waiting for it to finish before loading the rest of the document. If you add this attribute, you'll need to add a line of script before the <code>script</code> tag as well to allow older browsers to recognize <code>picture</code> elements if it encounters them in the page before picturefill has finished loading. </p>
- <p class="hed-subsection">Reccomended Usage:</p>
+ <p class="hed-subsection">Recommended Usage:</p>

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