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Added support for type attribute on sources #43

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nwtn commented Sep 28, 2012

…works with empty type, image/svg+xml, and image/webp. See

Not sure if this is something you'd want to add, since it's not officially part of the recommendation yet, but it'll certainly be useful for people trying to deliver vector graphics to devices that support them.

nwtn commented Oct 2, 2012

Updated this to include @Wilto's updates for Florian’s Compromise. Also for the sake of my own sanity split this into two files, one that uses picture/source and one that uses divs.

David Newton added some commits Oct 3, 2012
David Newton Added a WordPress plugin
WordPress automatically resizes images to create thumbnail, medium,
large, and fullsize versions. The plugin loads these conditionally
using picturefill. It also allows for SVG upload, and association of an
SVG file with a normal raster image, so that the SVG may be included as
a <source>
David Newton fixed closing tag on div version 1c8285c
David Newton SVG & WordPress additions to readme
…also changed a few img src atts for consistency
David Newton Deal with whitespace in SVG field
(plus some cleanup)
David Newton fix for svg url 82443e0
David Newton Fixed img alt, added commented <source> back in for old IE, changed m…
…in-widths, fixed fallback img

…also stripped whitespace
David Newton fixed alt
also whitespace
David Newton removed </source> 9597e4a
David Newton Added back commented versions for old IE af336fb
David Newton changed how filename matching works to allow for relative URLs; remov…
…ed </source>
David Newton use tabs for indentation 317834d
David Newton Renamed wp-picturefill to wp-picturefill-picturelement 24ebb16
@nwtn nwtn closed this Sep 17, 2013
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